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Your business name, your rights. Are they protected?

BATTLE helps to obtain official trademark rights to business names.

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Call BATTLE® to discuss your business name, your rights, your trademark now.

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Business names v registered trademarks.

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Your business name, your rights? Are they strong?

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why register a trademark?


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Trade mark specialists Ireland

Battle For Trademarks Ltd. provides trade mark specialists services in Ireland.

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"... We find Battle gets results for us ..."

P. Guy, Marketing Director, Electroplus Group


BATTLE trade mark specialists Ireland

We provide services as trade mark specialists in Ireland. We assist customers in applying to register trade marks in Ireland, UK, Europe and the USA.

BATTLE aims to be the top trade mark specialists for registered trade marks in Ireland

We seek to provide attractive trade mark specialists services for our customers, namely:

How different are BATTLE's trade marks specialists services

We are different in several ways to our trade mark specialists competitors, namely:

For stronger trade marks

Customers of BATTLE obtain a quality approach to registering trade marks. You are invited to compare our trade mark specialists services with any other trade mark specialist.

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Battle advises organizations, solicitors, and accountants' clients on a range of matters concerning trademarks. Click here to see more Battle trademark services for our range of other trademark services.