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Your business name, your rights. Are they protected?

BATTLE helps to obtain official trademark rights to business names.

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Your business name, your rights? Are they strong?

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What our trademarks customers say

Electroplus Group

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"We find that BATTLE gets results for us. They got a really tough trademark registered for us.

BATTLE helped us with agreements with two other trademark owners as well.

Their professional manner is matched by their huge experience."

Paul Guy, Marketing Director


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"Efficient and effective. BATTLE were accessible and successful for Smyths Toys."

L. Comer, Purchasing Manager.


Northside People/Southside People Newspapers

"BATTLE seem to be very capable trademark registration experts"

Tony McCullagh, Managing Director, Southside People/Northside People



ShelfLife Magazine

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"We understand the value of trademarks and the protection it affords to our business and the value of the brands that we have built.

We were very relieved when we got registrations for our Toys 4 Big Boys and Shelflife brands. The value of trademark registration can not be underestimated."

John McDonald, Publisher, MediaTeam


Kohl Cosmetics t/a Fuschia, Dundalk

If you like fixed costs as much as we do, then you will like BATTLEā€™s services.

After BATTLE got our first trademark registered, we heard another trademark was being registered with a similar name for perfumes. So we got BATTLE on board again.

They helped us negotiate a trademark co-existence agreement with a French competitor to protect our trademark, and the costs came in bang-in-line as we budgeted.

Gillian Moore Brady, Managing Director.

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Belle Blu Lifestyle Boutique

"The well known jeans maker, Wrangler, is a much bigger company than us. After we applied to register our trademark, we got an opposition from Wrangler, of the USA.

BATTLE and Ruairi led the tactics and negotiations, and managed to reach a mutual agreement with Wrangler for their and our trademarks to co-exist. We were very pleased with the outcome."

Lee Flaherty, Managing Director, Belle Blu Boutique, Clifden.

She also told us "I have worked with several different companies over the last two years in setting up Belle Blu. I have to say that out of all of them, you have been one of the best companies to work with. Your customer service is outstanding. You were on top of everything and that made me feel very confident that I made the right decision in selecting!"

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Brown Bag Films

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"BATTLE has worked for Brown Bag Films since 2001, getting successful trademark registrations in Ireland, the EU, Canada, France, and the USA. Ruairi has consistently done an excellent job for us in securing and negotiating difficult trademark applications. We will continue to use BATTLE in protecting our copyrights through trademark registrations."

Cathal Gaffney, Joint Managing Director, Brown Bag Films.

Budget Travel

"When you apply to register a trademark, fixed costs help to keep expenses within budget, and under control.

We like the way BATTLE uses fixed fees for trademark services. We found their fee charges to be reliably in line with what they indicated up-front. There were no hourly charges or hidden costs."

Patricia O'Sullivan, Finance Director.

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